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Friday, December 10, 2010

Amir! Maidana Means it

Jon Desborough

I've been swotting up on this Argentine boxer, Marcos Maidana.

And I can't help thinking Amir Khan is a lot of trouble when he fights him this Saturday night.

This is some match-up. I'm guessing nothing like Haye against Harrison.

This kid Maidana is raw, unreconstructed, raised on a farm and rumoured to have a punch like a jackhammer.

He has stopped 27 of the 29 boxers he has faced. He's only lost once.

He hunts and fishes. The place where he grew up still doesn't have electricity.

A few years back I spent some time in rural Argentina - a lot. Great place. Unsophisticated and honest. So I've got an idea of what Maidana is made of. When he says he could end the fight with Amir with one punch, he means it.

And his ambition is to unify the light-welterweight belts and make enough money to build houses for his large family.

I bet they'll all have electricity.

Amir Khan fights Marcos Maidana tomorrow, Saturday night on Sky Box Office.


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