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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquiao throws 1,231 punches; Clottey 399

ARLINGTON, TEXAS—Boxing pundits were right after all. Manny Pacquiao will overwhelm Joshua Clottey with the sheer volume of punches.

Pacquiao, his fists working like pistons, unleashed a staggering 1,231 punches to retain his World Boxing Organization welterweight crown by unanimous decision at the Cowboys Stadium here.
The Ghanaian was clearly outgunned as he managed to throw 399, less than one-third of the Filipino icon’s total.

Pacquiao landed 232 power punches, almost three times the number Clottey managed (82). No surprise there, considering Pacquiao had 682 attempts as against Clottey’s 237.

Pacquiao threw 549 jabs, connecting on only 14, for a miserable conversion rate of three percent. In contrast, Clottey jabbed 162 times and landed 26 for 16 percent.

Against David Diaz, from whom Pacquiao wrested the World Boxing Council lightweight title in 2008 by stoppage in the night round, the Filipino unloaded 788 punches and connected on 230 for a 29-percent accuracy.

Against Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, from whom he wrested the WBO title, Pacquiao threw 780 punches and connected on 336 for a lofty 43-percent accuracy.

In his two-round demolition of Ricky Hatton last May, Pacquiao sent home 73 of 127 shots for an amazing 57-percent rate.

The Filipino superstar was also impressive in his eighth-round stoppage of Oscar De La Hoya on Dec. 6 as he landed 274 of 575 punches.

By: Roy Luarca
AP Photo/David J. Phillip

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